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Chanel, Adidas, Coca Cola, Twitter and You? Chanel, Adidas, Coca Cola, Twitter and You?
Ryan Hornby

My name is Ryan but you can call me 


I’m a very tall, very Scottish and very friendly. You can usually find me chasing surf, lighting fires on the beach, at the top of a mountain, collapsing at the finish line of a marathon, shooting hoops, shouting at sports teams, sipping on a double shot cortado, lost in a book, writing music, developing rolls of film or cuddling with my big fluffy golden doodle, Elmo.

Things I have done.

Ryan is the founder of ‘IAM’, a model and creative agency group with over 70 personnel at peak and offices across Ireland. The company specialised in facilitating successful international careers for Irish models, photographers, stylists and hair/makeup artists, predominantly in the fashion capitals of London, Milan, Paris and New York.

IAM has worked with several global brands such as Chanel, Calvin Klein, Coach, Topshop, ASOS, Adidas, Puma and Vogue. The company was the first and only agency in the country to sign their talent with major agencies in over 20 countries, including with some of the largest entities in the industry such as IMG, Elite and NEXT. IAM was also the first and only agency in the country’s history to represent an Irish model at a major fashion week.

IAM negotiated a successful acquisition with a competitor agency. As part of this acquisition, all of IAM’s valuable assets were purchased and as a result IAM ceased trading.

Having bootstrapped IAM by utilising self taught brand, digital marketing and business development strategy, Ryan decided to solidify his tried and tested branding and marketing understanding by formally training in digital analytics with MIT.

Shortly after, Ryan served as an interim consultant at Teneo, an international C-suite advisory firm with 18 offices and over 700 employees worldwide. Teneo works exclusively with the CEOs and senior executives of the world’s leading companies and provides strategic counsel across their full range of key objectives and issues. While working at Teneo, Ryan built, implemented and managed innovative digital campaigns that successfully and cost effectively increased both raw traffic and sales revenue as well as fulfilled specific branding awareness and education ambitions for a significant number of Fortune 100 and FTSE 100 companies.

Ryan has since been employed as Head of Development and Innovation at MXB, an award-winning, full-service advertising agency. For 15 years MXB has provided industry-leading creative, digital and strategic output across multiple sectors. Ryan was responsible for suspecting, prospecting and converting new business at MXB and mobilised bespoke internal teams in order to best support this process. Ryan had an in-depth understanding of the entirety of MXB’s extensive portfolio of clients, including Coca Cola, Twitter and P&G.

Ryan now provides freelance strategic counsel across a range of brand, marketing and business development objectives and issues for both personal brands and more established brands alike.

I work with clients like


Catch me here.

Coming July 2021

I work with clients like

Catch me here.

Coming July 2021

The problem with agencies.


An agency’s priority is not the success of your business, it’s to make money. Think of agencies like car mechanics. If a car mechanic tells you that your “left phalange” needs replaced and it will cost £1000 to do so, then there’s not really much you can say or do. Why? Because you’re not a car mechanic, so how would you know if the left phalange actually needs to be replaced and how much it should cost? Like car mechanics, agencies take advantage of the fact that most people lack a comprehensive understanding of the many complex nuances that are involved in building, implementing and managing successful brand, digital marketing and business development strategy, by devising strategy that will make themselves as much money as possible, with as little effort as possible, for as long as possible. As a Digital Marketing Consultant and former Head of Business Development at two of the world’s most prominent full-service brand and marketing agencies, I’ve even been asked to manipulate client’s reports in order to sell them expensive strategy that’s easy to implement and manage as well as being entirely unhelpful. Myself and my team are not motivated by making money so much as we are by achieving success. Your business is our business. For us, it’s personal.


Agencies charge eye watering fees to cover their large amount of unnecessary and expensive overheads, such as office space, salaries, pizza parties and not to mention, copious amounts of office plants. Myself and my team simply don’t have any overheads, which means that we are astronomically more affordable than an agency could ever long to be.

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Things I do.

Brand Strategy

Digital Strategy

Business Development Strategy



Social Media Marketing

Content Marketing

Display Advertising

Email Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Graphic Design

Web Design

Mentorship for creatives.

verification.Instagram Verified
Despite the plethora of DMs we have all received, claiming to be able to verify your Instagram profile for as little as £200, you cannot literally buy an Instagram verification badge. However, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible… To cut a very long story short, there are basically 3 key requirements to be eligible for Instagram verification:


15+ full-length articles written about you and/or your brand published in what Instagram deems to be noteworthy publications.


A verified Facebook profile.


A trusted Instagram partner to submit your application for verification on your behalf.

Myself and my team are proud to be able to deliver these three key requirements for you, in turn making you eligible for Instagram verification. We have helped over 500 brands, influencers, entrepreneurs, public figures, creatives, musicians, actors, athletes and everyone in-between to successfully claim their blue-tick mark on Instagram. In fact, we are so confident in our ability to get your Instagram profile verified that we offer a full refund if your account isn’t verified. Oh, and we offer guaranteed Facebook verification, Tik Tok verification and Twitter verification, also with a 100% money back guarantee. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch and let’s get started!

Guaranteed press.

Because of my close relationships with journalists and editors at the world’s most famous publications, I am proud to be able to offer the guarantee of having a full-length article written about you and/or your brand published in the following publications…

If you’d like to be featured in any of these publications then feel free to send me an email.

Straight from the horse's mouth.

The thing that always impressed me the most about Ry was his ability to comfortably and sincerely engage with both the biggest fish and internal staff alike. From C-level executives to the cleaning staff, everybody is made to feel important in Ryan’s company."

Ryan is basically highly intelligent, and that underpins all of his other brilliant qualities. He is quick, meticulous and understands issues and nuances that others simply miss. And, like many intelligent people, he is also very funny. If you are presenting and he starts humming "3 wheels on my wagon..." you know you have just overlooked a critical point."

Dare you.

Say hi.

Not based in Ireland? Don’t worry about it. I work with clients all over the world in over 20 different countries.